First poll results: poll began on 13th November, closed on 1st December 2008

Have you installed Ubuntu on your NC10?

Yes – Ubuntu dual boot with XP 44% (33 votes)

Yes – Ubuntu only 25% (19 votes)

No – Waiting until I’m brave 20% (15 votes)

No – Not planning to 5% (4 votes)


One Response to “Poll”

  1. mmm… I guess you found this page by typing “samsung nc10 ubuntu” into google? This poll is clearly not going to be representative of all NC10 users. However, what is interesting so far is that some people are still waiting for more information before installing Ubuntu. I don’t blame them!… My NC10 is one of four different computers that I own, If something goes wrong (and it will!) I can switch to another machine while I fix it. I’m all for encouraging people to use open source software but if you have little experience I would recommend using Ubuntu on a machine that has been pre-configured with Ubuntu built in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport#Pre-configured%20Systems

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