External display glitch

I have had no problems configuring an external display while running Ubuntu 8.10. Unfortunately, I have experienced an occasional ‘glitch’ where the external display seems to flicker for a millisecond or two and then returns to normal. This only happens every five minutes or so. Any ideas? (I will provide more info as I try to diagnose the problem).

Alexis helped me to resolve an occasional ‘glitch’ where my external display seemed to flicker for a millisecond every five minutes or so. I tried using a different VGA cable and no longer experience the ‘glitch’ (something to do with the edid signal being interrupted).


4 Responses to “External display glitch”

  1. Alexis Read Says:

    I have a similar problem on my windows htpc – it sounds like it is a problem with the edid signal being interupted. If you have another cable that’s the first thing to check, as not all vga cables wire all the pins. Try a friend’s monitor to check if your one is transmitting the edid signal correctly.
    I don’t know if you can turn off the display detect routines under linux (ie. set vga output manually), you can with AMD graphics cards under windows, but that may be a possible option to look at.

  2. Great, I switched cables and it works fine now… Thanks!

  3. Hello jb,

    Can you show your xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log ? I am stuck with 1280×960 on external that does 1680×1050 …


  4. Gfdsa – There does not seem to be any useful info in either file in 8.10. My external only supports 1280×1024 and auto-detects that without problem, can anybody help gfdsa?

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