Workaround 4 (unnecessary)

Update: Most people report that the Webcam works without needing a workaround

I got the Webcam working in Ubuntu by following these instructions on the very useful Acer Aspire One page Even though the NC10 has a very similar specification to the Aspire One they are not identical, following all the instructions on this page might well be problematic. Let’s hope that a similar page appears for the NC10. Oh hang on… it won’t just appear, we as a community have to write it!


5 Responses to “Workaround 4 (unnecessary)”

  1. I install skype to check if the webcam is working and….works! Probably one of the 20 packages installed along with skype make it work 🙂

  2. My camera worked straight after the 8.10 install (tested with Ekiga software). Still worked after Skype was installed but no mic as yet…

  3. Dears, could you share your /sys/bus/usb/drivers content here?

  4. i did not need to do some extras
    the camera work out of the box in cheese or amsn…
    so i don’t understand this workaround

  5. This workaround seems to be unnecessary for most so I will change the post, thanks for the feedback.

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