Restart option results in a hang-up (ndiswrapper problem!)

Mike reported that using the ‘Restart’ option results in a hang up after Ubuntu apparently terminates properly, requiring a power-off.

Problem now resolved… see this post!


9 Responses to “Restart option results in a hang-up (ndiswrapper problem!)”

  1. I also faced this issue first time I install ubuntu. After the update (75 packeges) it was okay!

  2. well…. not solved!

  3. Does this only happen at a manual restart, or also at an automatic on (with updates for example)?

  4. Not sure – I’ve only noticed it when doing a manual restart, and I’m not sure that I have had any other kind on the NC10 (I use other computers too, and I’ve not noticed this with any of the others under Intrepid or other versions of Ubuntu)..

  5. Just tried it here, a manual restart seems to work normally. Can I help you with some settings? As far is I haven’t changed anything related since the install.

  6. what do you mean by manual restart? shutdown -r now?

  7. That or with the shutdown-applet. (in contrast to automatic after its done with updates for example)

  8. I have also faced hang ups using terminal to shutdown or reboot.
    shutdown -r now
    shutdown -h now

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