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Glancing quickly at this blog may give you the impression that it has been a pain getting Ubuntu working on the NC10. This is not fair. I want to put a positive spin on the use of Ubuntu and suggest that nearly all of the the issues highlighted on this blog are fairly minor ones. I have been running Ubuntu on the NC10 for two weeks now, I’m still confident that I made the right choice to install it. There is a good article that talks about ways of ‘spreading Linux’ that I agree with: http://hehe2.net/advocacy/help-spread-linux-without-preaching-it/


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  1. i also own a NC10 with atheros-network and a “Realtek ID 272”
    Running Kubuntu 8.10 suspend to ram and dsik work out of the Box also the Cam. Battery-Power lasts for ~5.5h . For the Wifi i had to use the MadWifi Driver. Sound doesn’t detect when external speaker is pluged and Internal Mic seems not to work.

    I guess the 2.6.27 Kernel has a bug concerning the HDA Sound – probably the 2.6.24 (Hardy) Kernel would work fine.

  2. I also tried an 8.04 based ubuntu-eee image on the NC10, that one had the same problem with the sound. See this post for a workaround though 🙂


  3. I entirely agree on the subject of positive spin – setting up any Linux on any laptop can be a problem, and I don’t think I have ever achieved it without some difficulties. With the NC10 and Ubuntu 8.10 it has been much easier than most, and after just a few days the only remaining issues I have noticed are very minor for me:
    1. Internal mic not working.
    2. Manual restart results in the machine hanging up, requiring use of the ‘big red switch’ (I normally would only use restart to get back to Windows, so now I have to do a shutdown and press the power button to restart).
    3. Brightness keys have had to be mapped to Alt F11 and Alt F12, rather than the keys marked for the purpose, which is no real hardship.

    It’s an excellent machine, and Ubuntu was easy to set up using the information on this site, and I find the performance under Ubuntu is better than under XP – pity no Lightroom etc (as with all versions of Linux). I dual boot, but prefer Ubuntu when there isn’t a need to run software not available under that platform (nad not operational via wine).

  4. Reading the submissions so far on this blog it appears that all the important stuff works with a bit of tweaking apart from the internal mic.
    Substitutes have been suggested for the odd function that dosen’t and they appear not too difficult to carry out.
    I am keen to buy either this netbook or the Asus Eeepc 1000H 160GB and this blog seems to be the only idea out there of the NC10 running Ubuntu.
    The Asus models seem to be fully sorted with Ubuntu even to the point where they have a specific distro and kernal (http://array.org/ubuntu/index.html).
    This makes everything work and reduces the boot time.
    On the “Positive Spin” theme I welcome thoughts on which way should I jump.
    The Asus 1000H can be bought for £272 includes a case and 2 year warranty.
    The Nc10 is a little dearer at £293 (search for Dixons discount codes) but can be collected from a real shop as well as Cyber Space.
    The NC19 seems to have a better screen but smaller trackpad and is work in progress with Ubuntu.
    All contributions welcome to cure my dither.
    BTW what boot times are people getting?

  5. Jon Bradbury Says:

    Some site feedback, for what it’s worth.

    I think it would be very useful to convert this site from a blog to a blog with forum and Wiki. It’s very difficult to participate if participation is via blog comments, and with no search or extract of the most useful tips it is not easy to get set up quickly. I think this blog is a commendable resource that – thanks to the expected popularity of the NC10 – will soon be innundated with visitors making comments and asking questions. It’s actually very surprising that so far on the Ubuntu forums there are only five threads that mention “NC10”. Guess it’s not that widely available in the US, then…

  6. Jon – I agree… initially I thought that this blog would be of passing interest to NC10 owners who were thinking about Ubuntu and wanted some reassurances. This is certainly not the place for how to questions. Can I contact you offline to discuss further?

  7. Jon Bradbury Says:


  8. Regards all the posts you’ve done, can’t you make a how to install ubuntu 8.10 on the NC10. It would be nice to have an updated tutorial with that, than reading this blog form beging…
    Anyway thanks for this blog a good source of informations.

  9. RazEEE, I’m currently working on a template for a Wiki page that I hope will provide the tutorial you are looking for. I think it should be a community effort to populate the page, there are users out there that know far more than I do!

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