I found this bug report – – “Making horizontal finger movement on the touchpad of a Sasmung NC10 netbook leads to wave like (up and down) pointer movements on the screen.” I’m not really consciously aware of this problem but I guess that this could put new users off.

While on the touchpad subject, Pluisje has enquired about the availability of multi-touch support in Ubuntu?


5 Responses to “Touchpad”

  1. Multitouch support is available, but I can’t get it to work on the NC10. You need to first enable SHMconfig and then you can interact with the settings directly with the synclient command, but enabling two finger scrolling has no effect.

  2. What type of touchpad do we have in our NC10s? Is it Synaptics?

  3. Yes, it is a Synaptics touchpad. I do not know the exact model though.

  4. Has anybody tried the touchpad instructions on the Wiki?

  5. foobarian Says:

    Here’s the patch to fix the touchpad problem. I’ve tested it on my NC10 and it works fine.

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