Problems with ndiswrapper: restart hang-up

Although using ndiswrapper does get the wireless working, it prevents the NC10 from restarting / rebooting. Other problematic issues such as power management and wireless range are also presenting themselves. I therefore decided to uninstall ndiswrapper using the Add/Remove option in the applications menu, disabled the wireless and rebooted successfully(!).

To install the latest Atheros drivers use these instructions:

*The method outlined below is not needed follow instead*

I then followed the instructions on the Italian netbooknews site – I used a wired network connection to do this. This procedure took about 15 minutes to complete.


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  2. I never used ndiswrapper to begin with. If you compile and install the latest compat-wireless drivers, it’ll get the native ath5k driver installed properly.

  3. I have the reboot/restart problem but ndis doesn’t even get my wireless working 😦

  4. As Shifu said, it’s much better to just install the newest drivers instead of messing about with ndiswrapper.

    I used this guide (ignore the patch stuff if you don’t want to use aircrack):

    And if the new driver doesn’t load on boot, do this tweak:

    It’s a pain, but it works completely.

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention, make sure you disable the broken stock driver from System > Administration > Hardware Drivers first.

    I don’t know if your broken/half-broken ndiswrapper set-ups will interfere, so that’s up to you.

  6. the atheroes AR5007 is supported by linux !

    i wrote a tutorial explaining how to enable the kernel module, but i admit i wrote it in french …

    here is an english version :

    first install the missing module with this command:
    sudo apt-get install linux-backports-intrepid

    second blacklist the old module who don’t work by editing the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and add this at the end
    blacklist ath_hal
    blacklist ath_pci

    third make the module ath5k run at startup by editing the file /etc/modules and add this at the end

    and to finish : reboot

    now you have the wifi who is working (if it is enabled in bios and if the wifi light is on…)
    and you can do things that ndiswrapper wont like cracking WEP for exemple …

    so please stop using the useless ndiswrapper when you can use a powerfull kernel module

  7. alain57 – Using ndiswrapper was a mistake… I followed a thread on ubuntu forums which was misleading… I have been using Ubuntu on my NC10 for 3 weeks now and I think this is my only bad move.

    Thanks to everybody who has helped me out.

  8. alain57 – thanks for those great instructions, except one command, which seemingly got lost in translation 🙂

    sudo apt-get install linux-backports-intrepid

    should be:

    sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic

  9. I’ve done as stated… but it says that “E: couldn’t find package linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic”

    or “linux-backports-intrepid”

    please help… very new to linux.

  10. nevermind… sorry… didn’t realize i needed to be hardwired to the internet…
    newb mistake… to never be made again.

  11. I’ve tried

    sudo apt-get install linux-backports-imodules-intrpid-generic

    but i can’t get it working. i’m a complete noob, just installed linux about 10 mins ago and is first time i’ve used it since uni which was many moons ago.

    Please help, i am desperate for wifi on my NC10


  12. Ollie, noob support provided via the forum… Thanks

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