Please contribute to the NC10 Wiki at

I think that we (the NC10 user community) now know enough to start writing a page for new users that contains information that is critical to getting Ubuntu working on the NC10. I have generated a very simple template that needs to be populated. So please visit:

To facilitate the population of the NC10 page I have setup a fledgling forum at:


5 Responses to “Please contribute to the NC10 Wiki at”

  1. Jon Bradbury Says:

    I have joined the community.

  2. Thanks for that great idea !!!

  3. Jon Bradbury Says:

    Who me or Jon?

    It was my idea… 😉

  4. Posted installation instructions and updated the steps on wifi setup.

    I’ve been looking through the EeePC communitie’s work to see how they got ACPI fully functional for a few days now. It looks like somebody with scripting experience could take the scripts they’ve made and “translate” them for the NC10. Unfortunately I’m still fairly new to Linux and programming in general, so it’s going to take me a while to figure it out.

    If anyone wants to take a peek at their ACPI scripts, it’s linked here:

    That whole page contains a lot of information worth…”borrowing”, let’s say…to get the NC10 fully functional.

  5. Sound on NC10 and KUbuntu
    Install Kmix
    richt-click on kmix icon in the taskbas, select as mainchannel front and not PCM
    then Fn left and Fn right for volume up and down will work (even if the volume bar will show 0%)

    goog look from Luxemburg C.S.

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