This blog now has a forum that can be found at:

New users can post questions and hopefully somebody will help them out.

Regular readers of this blog can contribute by reporting new issues with the use of Ubuntu on the NC10. In addition, opinions on what should go on the community NC10 Ubuntu help page (and who should write it! hint hint) are encouraged.

Even if you have nothing to say yet please register.


8 Responses to “Forum”

  1. The forum it’s a good idea but I think it should be open, so anybody can post without registration

  2. gxenakis – Unfortunately, I cannot find an option on the forumcircle admin page that allows me to do that… please register gxenakis you have been a good contributor to the blog!

  3. Jon Bradbury Says:

    You cannot have forums that are open or there will be spam, spam, spam all the time.

  4. George Thanos Says:

    That’s a great idea! Thank you

  5. Jon Bradbury suggested the idea and has kindly agreed to help manage it, it will take a while to get off the ground so please don’t expect much

  6. Jon Bradbury Says:

    Oh dear cheer up jb!

    It’s just a matter of time, guys. I’m going to retro fit a more conventional forum breakdown with a new user’s lounge, beginner’s questions, hardware questions, software questions etc. Take a look at’s forum (where I moderate) for a good example.

    My main concern here is that “Ubuntu on the NC10” may be too narrow a topic, and so I wonder if we ought not be discussing the standard XP OS, too. This puts us in competition with the likes of (who are not Linux users at all, judging by their forum breakdown – only one forum for discussion of other operating systems).

    On the other hand I can see the attraction of keeping it Linux only and thiWhat do you all think?

  7. I’m happy!

  8. Jon Bradbury Says:


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