Blog clean-up and new information on the Wiki

I have made some edits to the posts on this blog in an attempt to clarify some issues for new users. If anything confusing remains then please let me know.

The Wiki page at has quite a lot of new information on it. Some of the proposed workarounds on the Wiki have not been discussed on this blog or in the forum – We need to ensure that the information on this page is accurate, so can people confirm that these workarounds actually work?


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  1. Jon Bradbury Says:

    Excellent work on the Wiki page, chaps! I am going to apply this stuff and see what’s what…!

  2. wiki page looks good,
    – internal mic doesn’t work by default
    – doing sudo echo blah blah doesn’t work, i get an error… instead i do sudo gedit blah blah and edit the file manually.
    – the experimenal hot key section is great….. finally a brightness mod that works.

  3. Also, to get the wireless to work after a reboot, you need to do this;

    make the module ath5k run at startup by editing the file /etc/modules and add this at the end

    and to finish : reboot

  4. can someone correct the wiki? sound and wifi are very important. Being wrong will discourage possible new users

  5. Jon Bradbury Says:

    I don’t understand gordon’s last comment, or the one about the mic.

    To get the mic to work you have to turn it on in the ALSA mixer. I’m sure the wiki says that.

    Wireless always works for me – but then I used apt get install command to install the backports module, so I imagine it has added the ath5k line to /etc/modules for me.

  6. Jon Bradbury Says:

    Oh, also, the suggested fix for the mic (install pulse audio) doen’t work on Intrepid. There’s a comment that says “No, this guide will not solve any issues if you’re running Intrepid.”

  7. A fresh install of ubuntu 8.10 today (thanks to my friend for fiddling with compiz and breaking ubuntu), followed the wiki exactly, and i needed to modify the /etc/modules file to retain the wireless settings on reboot.
    I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary, you definately need this setting.

    Also, after adding the experimental hotkeys for the brightness from the wiki, the menu’s stop responding.

    I can’t get the internal mic to work, using sound recorder, doesn’t work. The only input option is “Capture”, my friend eee901 has lots of options under input.

  8. Jon Bradbury Says:

    The experimental hotkeys do not work, so don’t bother with them.

    The brightness vales are correct but they don’t generate key release buttons so your xserver gets swamped with keydown messages. Remove from the file and reboot – then use the workaround (ctrl-up / ctrl down) until a better solution can be found.

    901 has different Linux, different hardware and different drivers. You cannot compare it with the NC10.

  9. Hi,

    First huge thanks for all this useful information for running Ubuntu on the NC10. The only issue I have is despite adding the correct lines to xorg.conf I cannot get “now you can enable compiz from System->Preference->Visual Effects”. That option is just not visible.



  10. Jon Bradbury Says:

    Hi Sean

    It’s System->Preferences->Appearance

    But if you want to use the Cube and all that fancy stuff you need to install compiz-settings-manager.


    Search for “ccsm”, tick the check box next to “Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm)” and click Apply. Now you get a menu option in System->Preferences called “CompizConfig Settings Manager”. Select and play!

  11. am now using compiz to control the brightness with ctrl-up and ctrl-down. saves installing more apps.

    i’ve actually pretty much got everything working now, got the internal mic to work, just needed to play with some of the sound settings in the volume control app. running alsamixer from terminal was a bit much like hard work.

    the only thing i’m bothered with now, is that i’m sure windows xp is brighter than ubuntu. I’ve got ubuntu on max brightness settings, but i still reckon its no where near as bright as xp…. maybe 80% as bright.
    Anyone else find this?

  12. Gordon if you have the time please update the wiki/forum regarding the internal mic.

  13. Jon,

    I too used those xorg.conf settings from the wiki and didn’t get the option to use compiz in the appearance settings either. I was still able to enable compiz via terminal (compiz –replace) and change settings etc. via the ccsm, but the actual button in appearance still doesn’t show up for me (with compiz enabled when I look at that particular window now none of the three available radio buttons are selected). Not a particularly big issue as it all seems to work happily enough – just a bit weird that the option appears for some but not others!

  14. Jon Bradbury Says:


  15. Not to worry – figured out what had happened. I’d installed advanced-ccsm but not simple-ccsm, I’d added it via Applications > Add/Remove rather than with System > Administration > Synaptics Package Manager, and simple-ccsm is only listed in Synaptics. With simple-ccsm installed the extra radio button has appeared in the Visual Effects tab.

  16. Gordon — have you turned off the power save on battery option in the bios?

  17. Please use the forum!

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