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I see the role of this blog as a report of my own experiences rather than a ‘howto’. I have not reported much on this blog recently because i’m happy with my Ubuntu setup; I decided not to use the latest Kernel and still use 2.6.77-7. At the present time the effort of tweaking to improve things further does not seem to be worth the effort since things are working well. I’m still a bit disappointed about the lack of quality documentation for the NC10…

Just thought I should draw reader attention to this blog:


carneades says:

[this] blog is about writeups, not news and updates. For that reason this page will always be the front page and will be kept up to date with a beginning-to-end writeup of how to set up the NC10 for Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora 10.

Seems like a nice approach to take (but I’m not interested in authoring howto guides)


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  1. Jon Bradbury Says:

    Hummm… yes. I posted that the resulting output of this blog and the corresponding forum was the Ubuntu NC10 wiki page. I think, jb, that if your intention for this blog is to document your own experiences then it might be made more clear in the title / tagline. Further, you might consider turning off the “reply” feature in order to discourage discussion on the blog, but redirect to the forum.

    Just my 2p worth.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment Jon.

    All the posts on this blog document my own experience. I have found the responses to my blog posts very useful so I don’t want to turn them off. (Comments on some of the older posts have been closed once an issue has been satisfactorily resolved).

    The Ubuntu NC10 Wiki page does not really reflect the contents of this blog or the forum… The Wiki should be a concise guide (although much more work is needed).

    This blog is more of a ramble of issues that I would like to highlight. Although I’m keen to see the forum develop into a useful resource for everybody to use, I still think it is useful to separate my own experiences from the experiences of others.

  3. I’m really enjoying my NC10 as well with Ubuntu. I have it set to Hibernate on closing the lid and it comes back in 20-30 seconds when I hit the power button. I had some issues with maybe 30% of the time coming out of resume my wireless wouldn’t connect and using hibernate fixed that completely. I may try suspend again as Intrepid gets small fixes, but for now I’m very happy. Netbook-remix is so easy and pleasant to use — I’m tempted to use it on my big machine!

    Thanks for the insightful blog.


  4. Might be worth talking about more than just ubuntu and fedora on the nc10linux blog.
    I’ve personally tried DSL (crap), SLAX(good but no drivers), Puppy (nice), Fedora (also good), Mandriva(dont like), linpuslite(currently trying).
    I’ve also installed OSX, but didn’t really like it. Also wireless is an issue if your not prepared to put a new card in.
    I’ve currently got my nc10 setup with xp and ubuntu with 2 spare partitions ready for 2 more linux distro’s, when i find ones that are good enough. Hopefully an instant-on distro will be available soon (GOS-Cloud) looks hopeful.

    As an aside, i’ve already earmaked the nc10’s next upgrades; 2gb ram (no big whoop there), 102.11n (have an n router, so…), and this http://www.sharkoon.com/html/produkte/speicher/flexi-drive_s2s/index_en.html which sounds raid-tastic.

  5. Hello Guys, First of all very nice blog you have.

    My problem is, ive installed Ubuntu on my NC10 and there is a Problem with the Touchpad. If you want do go a straight line left to right on your touch pad, you cant because your cursor do a wave like move. On he vertikal its ok.

    So i want to ask if anybody else experience the problem, i think it should be a global NC10 Problem so that everybody has it. Because ive only installed Ubuntu and the Problem is there.

  6. I also tried Mac OS X, 10.5 (Leopard) since my main computer is a mac. No lan and no wlan is just enough for deleting the partition! However since I didn’t want to use only windows I start looking fo a linux solution and found this blog 🙂

  7. I’m very happy with my NC10 on Ubuntu now, and (‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!) I’m not planning any changes. Thanks for your help in resolving problems in the past.


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