Progress on Unresolved Issues (1)

1. Hard drive – Excessive load cycling?

Unfortunately, there is now some evidence which suggests that using Ubuntu may reduce hard drive life due to excessive load cycling. However since this is not a new problem for Ubuntu laptop users, an appropriate solution probably already exists.

There is now a forum thread discussing the load cycling problem. The original blog post with useful comments should also be read.

2. Touchpad

The NC10’s touchpad does not work well using Ubuntu. Although some progress has been made on resolving some of the reported problems with the touchpad, this is still an annoying problem.

The original blog post outlines some touchpad problems. There is a useful forum thread on the topic.

3. Hotkeys

A number of workarounds for adjusting brightness have been discussed at length on this blog.

Considerable progress has now been reported on this forum thread which discusses the root of the hotkey problem.


6 Responses to “Progress on Unresolved Issues (1)”

  1. Hello,

    Can you post this on the news. There is a fix, but it seems that the real problem are different sensitivitys on the touchpad.

  2. Hey
    I think you can get around this by enabling the laptop-mode setting in /etc/default/acpi-support, setting ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE=true.

    You must also change the following lines in /etc/laptop-mode/laptop-mode.conf :


    It worked for me; I got my cycle count up only once every 5-10 minutes (whereas before it was going up like 20 times in that interval!).

    Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. […] Additional Note: The Samsung NC10 has some major issues with Ubuntu. You can run the OS from a thumbdrive, so there’s no real harm in trying it out, but consider yourself warned. […]

    • I think the popular article on ‘netbook powerusers’ is wrong – there are no major issues with running Ubuntu on the NC10 – The most problematic one can be resolved by using an external USB mouse instead of the trackpad!

  4. see for a fix in Ubuntu proposed updates for the load cycling problem.

  5. to jb:
    using an external mouse is not a solution! This is a laptop, not a desktop pc: I use it most of the time sitting on my sofa, I almost never use it sitting on a table.
    So, the problem is not so minor as it seems.

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