2009 — Ubuntu on the NC10 Poll

Second poll results: poll began on 8th Jan 2008, closed on 31st Jan 2008

Are you happy with Ubuntu on the NC10?
Yes – Does exactly what I need 24% (84 votes)
Yes – But does not do everything 49% (170 votes)
No – Frustrating hardware issues 19% (65 votes)
No – Not my preferred OS 8% (26 votes)

Based on these results it seems that Ubuntu is a reasonably good OS for the NC10. I was hoping that future kernel updates would help to resolve some of the hardware issues. Unfortunately, comments on the forum suggest that this is not the case.


2 Responses to “2009 — Ubuntu on the NC10 Poll”

  1. Linux Mint (i.e. Ubuntu “as it should be”) IS my preferred distro, but (in order of gravity):
    – the problems with the sound
    – the wavy touchpad
    – the annoying wifi not recognized by default
    – the loss of the Fn+keys functionality
    – (first of all) the dangerous and unresolved eccessive load to the hard disk due to the too aggressive power saving policy
    convinced me to give OpenSuSE a try.
    I sincerely regret my dear Mint (Suse interface by far crashes much more often, and too many things have to be tweaked to initially put it in the configuration I need), but everything worked out of the box with the Gnome edition (somebody says except the camera, but I haven’t tried it yet).

    I suggest to try Suse on this pc to see everything work. But at the moment I still hope that in about six months the Ubuntu team solves all the problems and allow me to have my Mint back.

  2. I love ubuntu -especially on my recently purchased (!) NC10. I may not be the most adventurous computer user, but I have had no major problems whatsoever and am VERY VERY pleased. 🙂

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