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Other than applying the workarounds and tweaks detailed on this blog, I’m still running: Ubuntu 8.10 (Gnome 2.24.1), Kernel 2.6.27-7, Samsung BIOS 02CA.
I have been running the above setup since 31st October 2008 on my NC10.

I guess that if I had decided to keep up with the latest versions then I would be running: Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha, Kernel 2.6.27-11, Samsung BIOS 04CA.

I have found little evidence that suggests 9.04 offers anything useful, while the latest 2.6.27-11 kernel does not resolve any of the NC10’s hardware issues. I am considering the BIOS update since reports suggest that this improves battery life. However, I am disappointed that not more is known about what this BIOS update actually does.

I have played around with KDE (graphics card too slow) and Netbook Remix (too basic), but have decided to stick with Gnome as my prefered desktop environment.

Overall, not much has happened over the last two months or so to suggest to me that changing my setup is worth doing.


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  1. Jon Bradbury Says:

    Try the OpenSUSE 11.1 live CD (Gnome edition). Everything seems to work out of the box, bar a few bits, but crucially the fn-keys seem to be sorted.

  2. Have you tried Arch?
    Boots in 17 seconds, nice clean, controllable distro, and I use LXDE rather than Gnome/XFCE to keep the bloat down.

  3. campamax Says:

    I found another delicious source of info here:

    I’ve seen there some hints&tricks about Ubuntu that solicitate me a lot. So, after two months of Suse (yes, almost everything works there – I wasn’t able to make the camera work and din’t try the mic – but my feeling is only partially comfortable with it) and while going to test Fedora 10, now I am changing my direction and going to try Mint 6, that I appreciated a lot on my former laptop.


  4. svenmeier Says:

    With Ubuntu 9.04 (currently beta) the Samsung NC10 runs perfect out-of-the-box, even function keys are working. Have fun.

  5. 9.04 doesn’t offer anything useful? How about it booting twice as fast out the box (with scope to tune to your tastes)? For a netbook user, I’d suggest that’s immensely useful.

    Of course, a lot of that is down to EXT4 and you need the 2.6.28 kernel for that.

    • I was awaiting concrete evidence before giving 9.04 a spin, I guess we will find out more about 9.04 now it is out of beta

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