Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) 9.04 is an improvement

After backing up my documents, I used the UNR live (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR#The%20Easy%20(recommended)%20way) to do a fresh install. Using the manual partition setup option I removed all my existing EXT3 partitions (where I had various Linux distros installed) and created a new EXT4 partition which I used as a mount point for UNR (I still dual boot with XP but have a small NTFS partition). I also created a new Linux Swap partition.

Anyhow, first impressions are great, much faster and looks better than my previous UNR on 8.10. The touchpad is still not quite right and see some of the comments on my last post…


6 Responses to “Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) 9.04 is an improvement”

  1. Hi all, I’m new in this blog. Lately, I keep track on this blog just to find out how thing goes with NC10 and UNR. Very informative. I bought my first netbook (NC10) yesterday. Yay!

    Just want to tell everyone that the first link also have UNR 9.10. Has anyone tried it yet?

    • Ups, sorry, I guess I miss the note:
      “5/12/2009 – Note that the daily builds for UNR are broken. For the time being use the Jaunty 9.04 image.”

      Will try 9.04 on NC10 tonight.

  2. I’m running normal (non-UNR) Ubuntu 9.04 on my NC10 and it works almost flawlessly. The only problem is that some of the function keys don’t work; all of the the regular / useful fn keys do though (volume, brightness, mute, num / scrlock, power info, sleep).

    I’m running an updated kernel, and the very latest Intel graphics drivers (in UXA mode) .. but apart from that most things worked out of the box. I seriously can’t fault it.

    To make the same modifications to your graphics checkout: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582

    By running UXA mode, I’m able to use opengl programs + compiz at the same time with no tearing. Supposedly there’s also a performance increase.

  3. I have a nc10 which came with xp, as soon as i could i installed ubuntu 9.04NBR… the following things work…
    CPU / memory / HDD etc – perfect
    USB 1/2 – perfect
    touchpad – perfect (had to turn sensitivity down)
    keyboard – perfect
    fn keys – perfect
    screen – perfect (had to turn off auto brightness in BIOS)
    standby – perfect
    webcam – better than windows (less grainy)
    all ubuntu 9.04 inbuilt software – perfect
    battery – normaly verry good but i like my fancy screen effects
    bluetooth – perfect
    wifi – perfect
    LAN – perfect
    inbuilt mic – perfect
    speakers – perfect
    headphone / mic jacks – perfect
    vga out – perfect
    sd card slot – perfect
    3D acceleration – good
    midi – having problems
    i can also run the following programs fine…
    google desktop
    Google Gadgets
    zynaddsub FX
    Compiz manager
    Wine – spotify,
    if anyone has any problems with anything i mentioned works, your probably doing something wrong or you nc10 is faulty.
    The nc10 and ubuntu 9.04NBR seem to be made for each other

  4. Hi
    Anyone have any issues with screen brightness?
    I just put the latest NBRemix distro on today and it looks cool.

    After doing the gardening I thought I pop a well deserved beer and sit out in the back garden and play with my new distro.

    Couldn’t see a darn thing. Tried the brightness applet but thats not much use. Typing this now back on XP :-(.

    On XP on full brightness you can clearly see the text on this blog, on NBR all I can make out is a black smudge!.

    Any help appreciated, as I use my NC10 on the move most of the time and the NBR desktop look brilliant on AC.


    • Looks like these guys have sussed it.


      Turn off AutoBrightness in BIOS, restart and Fn+Up on the Grub screen.
      Worked for me, though the other remarks on above blog are less than favourable to Ubuntu on NC10.

      Another thing, ditch RhythmBox and download Banshee, it’s much better for MP3 and you don’t get clicks and jitters on playback.
      + Reset the fonts to 9 and get rid of the horrible brown for the “Clear” style, looks much better on small screen.

      UNR is nice but I’ve gone back to basic desktop.

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