Ubuntu 11.10 – Problems with screen flickering

Since 9.10 I have had very few issues, Ubuntu has worked well on my Samsung NC10. However, the new (2.6.39+) samsung_laptop kernel module causes serious backlight flickering and makes the desktop unusable. Bug report. This bug occurs when the laptop is running on battery power only.

Luckily Voria has a PPA repository that solves a variety of Samsung Ubuntu problems. Instructions on how to use the repository and apply a backlight fix can be found here. Although these instructions are for a previous version of Ubuntu they work fine for 11.10. It does say that if you are using BIOS 11CA then the backlight fix is not needed. However, this is not the case, the fix is needed and works fine. Thank you Voria!

I recommend that all Samsung Ubuntu users look at Voria’s forum.

Anyhow, now that the flickering has stopped I’m enjoying using Ubuntu on my NC10 again.


3 Responses to “Ubuntu 11.10 – Problems with screen flickering”

  1. thanks for this post. i felt lost after upgrading and seeing THIS

  2. I have this issue when plugged in to mains, the screen will go completely white and stay that way. When I Fn + dim the screen dips to completely dim, or completely bright. The issue only occurs when the brightness is set to full (as I have not reinstalled any of the samsung tools since my fresh 11.10 install).

    If I don’t post back, that means I’ve fixed it with the voria.org link you gave, thanks!

  3. Hey, thanks for the infos! I just tried Ubuntu 12.04 and the problems with the screen flickering seems to be gone šŸ™‚ . Now I only need to fix the monitor cable and it’ll be usable again.

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