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Progress on Unresolved Issues (1)

Posted in forum, unresolved with tags , on December 15, 2008 by jb

1. Hard drive – Excessive load cycling?

Unfortunately, there is now some evidence which suggests that using Ubuntu may reduce hard drive life due to excessive load cycling. However since this is not a new problem for Ubuntu laptop users, an appropriate solution probably already exists.

There is now a forum thread discussing the load cycling problem. The original blog post with useful comments should also be read.

2. Touchpad

The NC10’s touchpad does not work well using Ubuntu. Although some progress has been made on resolving some of the reported problems with the touchpad, this is still an annoying problem.

The original blog post outlines some touchpad problems. There is a useful forum thread on the topic.

3. Hotkeys

A number of workarounds for adjusting brightness have been discussed at length on this blog.

Considerable progress has now been reported on this forum thread which discusses the root of the hotkey problem.



Posted in unresolved with tags , on November 19, 2008 by jb

I found this bug report – – “Making horizontal finger movement on the touchpad of a Sasmung NC10 netbook leads to wave like (up and down) pointer movements on the screen.” I’m not really consciously aware of this problem but I guess that this could put new users off.

While on the touchpad subject, Pluisje has enquired about the availability of multi-touch support in Ubuntu?

Problems with ACPI?

Posted in unresolved with tags , on November 18, 2008 by jb

As I reported on I had no major problems during installation. I am aware that ACPI problems have been reported on the archlinux forum and also when using Ubuntu (I’m guessing this is only a problem for older versions of Ubuntu). I also found a report suggesting that ACPI was responsible for the screen brightness problem –

Has anybody got anything to say about ACPI or can we just ignore these reports?

Hard drive – Excessive load cycling?

Posted in unresolved with tags , on November 13, 2008 by jb

While using Ubuntu I have heard an occasional clicking / ticking sound from the hard drive which does not sound normal. You don’t get the same sound when running XP, for example. I’m aware that the Acer Aspire One suffers from what is known as the “death click”. I’m not sure if the NC10 suffers from the same thing. I have installed smartmontools and it suggests that the drive is fine, but the instructions on are very difficult to follow – there seems to be lots of confounded issues. Does anybody know more about this?