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Ubuntu 11.10 – Problems with screen flickering

Posted in forum, install, workaround with tags , on November 8, 2011 by jb

Since 9.10 I have had very few issues, Ubuntu has worked well on my Samsung NC10. However, the new (2.6.39+) samsung_laptop kernel module causes serious backlight flickering and makes the desktop unusable. Bug report. This bug occurs when the laptop is running on battery power only.

Luckily Voria has a PPA repository that solves a variety of Samsung Ubuntu problems. Instructions on how to use the repository and apply a backlight fix can be found here. Although these instructions are for a previous version of Ubuntu they work fine for 11.10. It does say that if you are using BIOS 11CA then the backlight fix is not needed. However, this is not the case, the fix is needed and works fine. Thank you Voria!

I recommend that all Samsung Ubuntu users look at Voria’s forum.

Anyhow, now that the flickering has stopped I’m enjoying using Ubuntu on my NC10 again.


Problems with ndiswrapper: restart hang-up

Posted in install, workaround with tags , on November 20, 2008 by jb

Although using ndiswrapper does get the wireless working, it prevents the NC10 from restarting / rebooting. Other problematic issues such as power management and wireless range are also presenting themselves. I therefore decided to uninstall ndiswrapper using the Add/Remove option in the applications menu, disabled the wireless and rebooted successfully(!).

To install the latest Atheros drivers use these instructions:

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Wireless networking

Posted in install, workaround with tags , on November 18, 2008 by jb

Latest drivers are needed for Ubuntu 8.10 and can be installed by following these instructions:

This is an alternative way to get the wireless working… posted by Jon Bradbury –

Restart option results in a hang-up (ndiswrapper problem!)

Posted in workaround with tags , on November 16, 2008 by jb

Mike reported that using the ‘Restart’ option results in a hang up after Ubuntu apparently terminates properly, requiring a power-off.

Problem now resolved… see this post!

Internal speakers don’t turn off when using headphones (fixed)

Posted in workaround with tags , on November 15, 2008 by jb

Instead of following the complexities of the original post (click on Read more if interested), simple instructions are provided at:

FYI: Adjusting the internal mic sound levels after install is required to get the mic working

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Workaround 4 (unnecessary)

Posted in workaround with tags , on November 14, 2008 by jb

Update: Most people report that the Webcam works without needing a workaround

I got the Webcam working in Ubuntu by following these instructions on the very useful Acer Aspire One page Even though the NC10 has a very similar specification to the Aspire One they are not identical, following all the instructions on this page might well be problematic. Let’s hope that a similar page appears for the NC10. Oh hang on… it won’t just appear, we as a community have to write it!

Workaround 3

Posted in workaround with tags , on November 14, 2008 by jb

I have found that some applications, especially games, require the resolution to be set when running them for the first time on the NC10. I followed the instructions provided by “Sage_Harpiua” and set the resolution to 1024×600.