Time to upgrade?

My NC10 is nearly one year old now – purchased late October 2008. Initial problems with getting Ubuntu running well, using 8.10, were mostly resolved by applying a series of tweaks and workarounds (detailed within this blog). After around two months of attempts to resolve issues, I decided to abandon further attempts since I was generally happy. The blog then spawned a forum and a Wiki, which after a promising start, are no longer used. I’m sure this is due to the availability of better sources of information. The welcome arrival of 9.04 eliminated most of the problematic issues associated with 8.10. The arrival of 9.10 – Karmic Koala – later this month will hopefully be a welcome one.

Overall I have been satisfied with my NC10 running Ubuntu (despite poor battery life), but maybe the time has come to upgrade? I think my next Netbook purchase will probably involve an Atom Ion (don’t want to wait for Pineview – http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/352093/ion-will-grow-with-new-atom-cpus-promises-nvidia). The new Samsung N510 could fit the bill – http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/laptops/352012/samsung-n510. But I think I might wait for ASUS 1201n http://www.engadget.com/2009/09/20/asus-ion-infused-eee-pc-1201n-netbook-emerges-overseas/. I hope that Ubuntu 9.10 will work well on the ASUS 1201n, and that I don’t have to start another blog!


5 Responses to “Time to upgrade?”

  1. Is it the Ubuntu part that brings down the battery life? My parents bought an NC10 recently (didn’t ask me for advice) which is on Windows. I switched on and it was quoting 7.5 hrs … I get nothing like that on my Ubuntu NC10.

    (Perhaps a different battery pack? However, they will have bought as standard).


    • I get around 2 hours when using Ubuntu (heavy use) and about 4 hours when using XP (heavy use) – although my battery is a year old now (down to 82% capacity)

  2. I got around 7 hours on XP and around 10 on Ubuntu 9.04 nbr
    cheaper nc10 have a 3 cell battery, 6 cell is standard (mine) and 9 cells are avalable

  3. svenmeier Says:

    My NC10 is 10 months old and with Ubuntu I get around 3.5 hours. It seems Linux is draining the battery faster than Windows :(.

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